Action Button
Action Button

Action Button

The Action button is the main control for performing actions in-game, such as scanning, hacking, collecting, using an *EMP, or deploying a drone.

Here is a preview of the Action Button in-game:

How to: Use the Action Button

  1. To open the Action button menu, tap the button.
  2. Select the action you want to perform. This will close the menu.
  3. To use the action selected hold down on the Action button.
  4. The energy used for each action is represented with the ⚡️symbol.

Current available actions

  • Scan - To reveal for Hidden Items in the current zone.
  • Hack - Hack the Future Systems Tower in the current zone.
  • Collect - Pick up wallets or items found on the ground.
  • EMP - Use an Electromagnetic Pulse weapon to slow down enemy drones. *Purchasable in Store for 2000 FCOIN
  • Drone - Deploy a Retriever or Tactical Drone to collect an item on the map for you.