Assembling your Drone
Assembling your Drone

Assembling your Drone

The Drone Hangar is used to assemble the Tactical Drone. This immersive configurator allows players to manipulate the drone chassis and related parts that the player has in their inventory to see how they look before assembling their new playable drone.

Operatives require all five parts to put together a personal drone.

They include:

  • Chassis
  • Propulsion Component
  • Power Component
  • Processor Component
  • Communication Component

Drone parts, apart from the chassis, are classified from Class 1 to 3 and are represented with a C on the blueprint or drone part. The higher the class, the better the drone part.

Players who have crafted a full set of drone parts can assemble a fully functional Tactical Drone to use in their fight against Future Systems.

Below is a preview of the Tactical Drone being assembled via the Drone Hangar.

How to: Assemble your Tactical Drone

  1. Select the Drone Hangar from the menu.
  2. First apply the chassis by clicking the Chassis tab and equip the chassis you want to use.
  3. Add the Propulsion, Power, Processor and Communication components.
  4. Click Finalise.
  5. After taking the snapshot your drone will be created for you.