Collecting Wallets / Items
Collecting Wallets / Items

Collecting Wallets / Items

Upon successfully hacking a tower, you will notice the locations of wallets maintained by the tower revealed on the map. Proceed to each wallet highlighted on the map to collect them.

Upon collecting a wallet, you will notice it uploading its data. This needs to be fully complete (100%) before the wallet is successfully banked. If you leave the zone while your wallet is still uploading its data, it will be reset to 0% and restart the process upon re-entering the zone.

Note: You can also speed up the wallet upload with energy as many times as you can afford with your mask(s), including swapping into a fresh mask for maximum capacity in energy.

Additionally, you have the option to drop the wallet back on the ground at any point you desire. This is especially useful when being pursued by a Hunter Drone and not having any weapons to take it down nor being able to outrun it

Below is an in-game preview of what collecting wallets looks like:

How to: Collect

  1. Select Collect from the Action Button.
  2. Hold the Action button.
  3. If the Wallet or Item is within collecting distance the item will start uploading or gathered to your inventory.


  • Collecting wallets cost 5 energy (this includes re-picking up a wallet that was previously dropped)
  • Wallets scattered across the zone (including the ones you drop on the ground) are visible to anyone in the area. This means if another Operatives enters the same zone as you while those scattered wallets are active, they can collect it for themselves too.
  • It costs 5, 10, and 15 Energy to speed up wallet upload for Low, Medium, and High Security Wallets respectively.
  • You can speed up each wallet upload up to a maximum of 6 times and depending on the upload’s current progress it will take you to the next progression based on the following six tiers: 50%, 75%, 88%, 94%, 97%, and 99%. (Example: Boosting Upload for the first time at 64% will bring it up to 75%)