Collecting Items
Collecting Items

Collecting Items

Welcome to the captivating universe of DEFY, where a unified hexagonal grid stretches across the globe, connecting Operatives from every corner of the world. As you step into each Hex, your personal ‘Scanner’ will activate automatically and reveal ‘Unidentified Items’. You can then seize the opportunity to acquire these treasures either by venturing into their proximity or skilfully deploying your fleet of personal drones.

Be warned, Future System is on the prowl and will scoop up remaining items on the hour, every hour. To safeguard the ‘Unidentified Items’, ensure to collect them before each hour concludes. Should the minions of Future System beat you to the punch, their intervention will render your deployed drones temporarily incapacitated. Fear not, qu4rtz have inbuilt a ‘recall mode’ and your drone will return in 15-20mins. Want to know more about collecting using drones, see the section about Deploying Your Drones.

Below is an in-game preview of what collecting items looks like:

How to: Collect Items

  1. Be within collecting distance of the item you want to collect.
  2. The Unidentified Item will be automatically selected, alternatively tap the item.
  3. The Action Button will automatically change to from Deploying a Drone to Collect.
  4. Once collected you will have a pop up that will display the item retrieved.


  • Collecting Unidentified Items cost 10 energy.
  • Collecting Identified Items like a Crate cost 25 energy.
  • Items scattered across the zone are visible to anyone in the area. This means if another Operatives enters the same zone as you while those scattered items are active, they can collect it for themselves too.