Creating a Game Account
Creating a Game Account

Creating a Game Account

Let’s Go Operative!

Login Details

You can make a DEFY Game account by using your login details from:

  • Your e-mail address
  • Apple
  • Google
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Discord

❗️ (Please Note: Your game account will be connected to your login details so please remember them and keep them secure)

Make sure to check the Terms & Conditions, EULA and Privacy Policy upon logging in.

Alpha / Beta Users

For our operatives who joined the revolution before the public beta (March 31, 2023), please sign in on the Sign-up / Sign-in page by clicking the Alpha / Beta user? link and using your original sign-in details to access your account.

Web 3

DEFY: Join the Revolution! is a Web 3 Blockchain app. This means that you will normally need your own personal crypto wallet. However, fear not! Once you sign up for the app, a wallet will be automatically created for you. To learn more about Web 3 or your Crypto Wallet visit the Help Centre and look under Advanced Gameplay.

Username / Operative Name

Remember to set your username. Don't worry, you can change it anytime by going to your Profile.

Need further assistance?

Feel free to contact our support team via #❓| ask-for-help on the Discord or drop us a message using the Help Form 📩.