Energy and Battery Health
Energy and Battery Health

Energy and Battery Health

Energy management is crucial for maximising in-game actions. Whether it's hacking, collecting resources, or using weapons and drones, having enough energy is key.


Each mask has its own energy level, which is capped at 100 when the battery is at 100% health. The maximum capacity is determined by the Battery Health System, which is covered in the section below. Every action in-game costs a certain amount of energy to complete, and your energy levels regenerate over time. Currently, energy regenerates at a rate of 1 energy per minute up to the max capacity of the battery. It is also possible to purchase capacitors to refill your energy levels more quickly.

Battery Health System

The maximum energy capacity of a Mask is regulated by the Battery Health System. A brand-new Mask will start with energy levels at 100 and Battery Health of 100%. Eventually, as energy is consumed to perform actions, the battery's health will degrade, reducing the maximum energy capacity that the Mask can hold.

The degradation will start to decrease by 1% for every ‘x’ energy consumed (where x will be >100 energy). This means an Operative who has used 10*’x’ energy from scanning, hacking, stealing, and decrypting on a particular mask will find that their Mask stops regenerating its Energy when it reaches 90, having a Battery Health of 90%. Degradation is also related to the Mask collection. The earliest generation of masks degrades the slowest and have the highest Minimum Battery Health. This is scaled accordingly such that they will have an advantage over future generations of masks. The Minimum Battery Health will be the point at which the battery health stops degrading.

Mask Series
Minimum Battery Health
DEFY x PG Genesis
Generic / F2P

The minimum battery capacity for all masks (present and future generations) will be 20%. This item will be offered in various sizes, raising the battery capacity in different increments.

Players can restore their Mask’s Battery Health by purchasing a ‘Repair Kit’ with FCOIN, which would raise the battery’s health back to 100% and replenish the energy back to 100 as well.