Future System Drones
Future System Drones

Future System Drones

Enemy Drones

Future Systems has currently deployed two types of drones that may appear at random upon hacking a network tower; the Collector Drone and the Hunter Drone.

Distinguish between the Collector and Hunter Drones on the map
Distinguish between the Collector and Hunter Drones on the map

Collector Drones

Collector Drones harmless towards Operatives. It will go after scattered wallets one at a time, returning to the tower each time it retrieves a wallet. You do not require a weapon to defeat this drone. Simply collect the wallet that it is actively targeting to bring it down.

View an in-game preview of how a Collector Drone is taken down here:

Hunter Drones

Hunter Drones can be dangerous towards Operatives. It performs all of the tasks the Collector Drone does, however it moves at a faster speed and has the ability to actively pursue an Operative if they fall under its radar.

As you steal more wallets, you will produce a heat signal (denoted by the red circle around you). If the Hunter Drone comes into contact with you, you may find yourself receiving a harsh FCOIN penalty as well as having your active mask’s remaining energy levels be drained.

Fortunately, there are various ways in which you can handle an encounter with a Hunter Drone. They include:

  • Evading via Increasing Wallet Upload Speed
  • Evading via Dropping Wallets
  • Destroying Drone via FPS Mode

Below is an in-game preview of the FPS Mode to take down a Hunter Drone: