Hacking Future System Towers
Hacking Future System Towers

Hacking Future System Towers

You may notice different coloured hexagons among the towers in different zones. This denotes the security level classification of the tower based on the cumulative value of FCOIN within wallets in a given zone.

  • Green: Low Security. Holds up to 1,200 FCOIN
  • Yellow: Medium Security. Holds up to 2,800 FCOIN
  • Orange: High Security. Holds up to 6,400 FCOIN
  • Red: Maximum Security. Holds up to 9,600 FCOIN

Note: Maximum Security Towers are not available for hacking at this time

If remained unhacked, each tower's security level cycles through the different levels - increasing every few hours as they gather more funds over time. After the highest level it will roll over to 'Low Security' as Future Systems successfully transfers funds over to their Headquarters, effectively emptying the wallets thus restarting at the lowest security level.

Hacking involves connecting to the tower and completing a series of challenges, within a time limit, to gain access to the data. The difficulty level of hacking each tower increases with its security level, based on the number of codes required to solve and time available.

  • Low Security Tower: Hack 1 Code in 120 seconds
  • Medium Security Tower: Hack 3 codes in 120 seconds
  • High Security Tower: Hack 6 codes in 90 seconds
  • Maximum Security Tower: Unknown

Below is an in-game preview of a High Security Tower being hacked:

How to: Hack

  1. Select Hack from the Action button.
  2. Hold the Action button.
  3. Hack Future System Tower by finding the codes.


As you can see in the above video, during each challenge, a code will be shown along with a grid of characters. Correctly find the code in the grid to complete the challenge. Successfully complete the required number of challenges to gain access to the data.

Towers that get hacked will be taken offline and come back online after approximately one hour, when the network refreshes. Its security level will either be the same as it was before, or lower - depending on the cumulative value of FCOIN left within the wallets that were not collected from the zone. The tower will then resume its natural cycle of increasing in security level every few hours as funds continue to roll in while it remains unhacked.


The time limit for completing the challenges represents how long you have until Future Systems traces you and kicks you out of the system. This differs based on the security level of the tower. Failing to hack a tower within the given time would result in having to spend 5 energy to attempt once more. Incorrectly identifying the correct code will also result in Future Systems kicking you out of the system.


  • Every unique tower hacked daily rewards Operatives with 2 $DEFY (part of the daily pledge limit).
  • Every Operative within a hexagonal zone will be able to see and collect wallets scattered around the area when the tower is hacked.
  • The one-hour cooldown for hacked towers is shared across every individual.