You can view your account details on the Profile screen.

Operative ID

Incase of any in-app issues you can view your personal Operative ID on this screen. To copy the ID simple tap the ID.

Your Stats

Wallets - Total number of wallets stolen successfully and unsuccessfully

Decrypted - Total number of wallets decrypted

Towers - Total number of Towers successfully hacked

Unique - Total number of different Towers successfully hacked

Tower Hack Streak - Number of days from consecutive hacks

Total Active Days - Total number of days of Towers hacks

Drones Destroyed - Total number of drones destroyed

Want to show off your Stats feel free to share.


Please click here to view information regarding the Leaderboard. (need to add link to the leaderboard screen page)

Change Operative’s Name

You can change your Operative Name here.


View and change your Haptics and Sound Settings as well as Signing out of your Game Account or Deleting your Account.


If you are unsure you can see the version of the App under the Settings just scroll down.