Scanning for Items
Scanning for Items

Scanning for Items

Use the Scanner to locate hidden items on the map. It costs 5 energy to scan an entire zone, followed by additional energy to pick them up within range or using a personal drone. All items picked up will be added to your inventory.

The map may contain raw materials, blueprints, and even special event items. These can be combined in the Nanoforge to craft items that may enhance gameplay, such as drone parts or other advanced objects. For more information about crafting, please visit this guide.

Below is an in-game preview of the Scanning feature being utilised to discover items in the zone.

How to: Scan

  1. Select Scan from the Action Button.
  2. Hold the Action button.
  3. If Items are available for collection they will appear on the Map.

Note: Additional items may also appear on the map when taking down Future Systems’ drones.