Welcome Operative
Welcome Operative

Welcome Operative

Set in the near future dystopian world from the year 2049, a Revolutionary Movement has begun in the name of DEFY created and led by kha0s and his crew.

The objective, to take down the faceless corporation known as Future Systems that has amassed dangerous dictator-levels of power over global networks that run the cyberspace. As a result, members of the general population no longer have any privacy or individuality.

Your Mission

Join DEFY as an Operative with the aim to take down Future Systems in efforts to keep the cyberspace and metaverse open. To help you, the founder of DEFY, kha0s has created Virtual Private Masks (VPMs) to hide your identity, this is an essential weapon in the fight against Future Systems.

Good Luck Operative

Gameplay Lore

Get ready to explore the DEFY metaverse like never before, as this is more than just the average mobile game. To enrich the gameplay experience further, efforts are made to build on the overall storyline that takes place within the world of DEFY.

There are currently three mediums being utilised to advance the lore as of now, with more being planned ‚ÄĒ including enabling users to have some form of creative control to the storyline narrative of the metaverse in the near future.

  1. The #lore channel within our Discord server is updated with events that take place as Operatives take on active missions.
  2. Group Missions that takes place in the #group-task channel within our Discord server. These tasks requires fellow Operatives to work together to decode puzzles typically laid out by kha0s.
  3. Operatives, a web series professionally made with the help of an official production house. Episodes are estimated to be released on a quarterly basis, with the first episode having premiered on the 28th of July 2022. Episode 1 was also utilised to advance a new Group Mission, which is the first time lore from two different mediums crossed paths. More of this is to be expected for future episodes.

‚ĚóÔłŹ (Please Note:¬†None of these mediums are required for users to understand and enjoy the mobile game; these serve only as additional (optional) means to enhance your gameplay experience.)